Sunday, November 9, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t..
I would like to announce that starting from tomorrow Monday, 10th September 2008..all stocks will be uploaded on RONASTORES ....KEENAMAYA STORE will remain as my personal i tukar balik jadi KEENAMAYA..tempat i nak menceceh..citer pasal hobi gila laa..and also a place for me to sell off my new/used items...kira macam garage sale ladies can still email me for any question or order..or if u want to preorder anything just drop me an email...macam biasa ok..cuma tempat je yang berbeza..i will be an admin at Ronastores too..admin kecik..LOL!! please leave your comment there regarding items that u like..i mean makeup yer..handbags mostly tanya pada sis Ana...eheheee.. are always welcome here to chit-chat on KEENAMAYA..or nak tau or nak tanya apa2 laa..feel free to email me or leave your comment on the CBox!!..hopefully ada la org nak mai nengok2 blog ku ini...
Thanks so much for your support ladies!!!....keep it up!!

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