Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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Some pics on my engagement day..tau dah lapuk but i pernah janji nak share kat sini..the white dress hmm not a dress should i say it a modern kebaya? It is up for sale too..it is a simple kebaya but look very nice once i put in on..sampai semua orang tanya ni tunang ke kahwin..adoi malu betul..my makeup was done by Emi from emikaz.blogspot.com (such a talented young man!) and was sponsored by Along my lovely cousin yg expecting on this coming February..sama dgn my SIL in blue baju kurung also expecting this coming February..My beloved cousin Uyut in Yellow Lollipop inspired kurung (lol!..ayah dia yg bagi nama...) is the one yang susah2 tolong i ke sana ke mari untuk pastikan everything went smoothly..congrats sebab berjaya masuk ke UUM ye yut..caiyok caiyok!..I am so happy for you..last but not least Julie my dearest childhood friend (lovely brown kurung)..thank you for coming Julie..it means a lot to me dear...

Yang xde dalam gambar and tak disebut jangan berkecil hati, nanti senang2 i'll add some more pics..i'm blessed with a wonderful family and i am thankful for that..thank you so much to all yang susah payah haritu ye..especially my ibu, ayah..thank you so much..

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Hi ladies, here is some pics for you to cuci mata..more pics coming your way..as i'm really busy with my life yang kalah pak menteri ni..i'll put it up here sikit-sikit..all these are up for sales!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Alhamdulillah ladies....

Please visit www.ronasofia.com ...we are back in action..=)

We are still updating the blog slowly...so stay tuned ya..thanks ladies..muah!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Dear customers,

We would like to make an announcement that Ronastore is out of action due to some technical reason. While the repair work is done to reinstate the site, please communicate through our email at
ronastores@yahoo.com and ceemerah@yahoo.com accordingly.

At the same time you could also chat as usual at our shoutbox and the link is .....


Your continuous support is very much welcomed and is greatly appreciated. Please forward this message to others that you know.

Warm regards,
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