Friday, August 1, 2008


I've received a lots of emails regarding new stock for MAC & Bobbi Brown items..i'd say that stock is coming..but it is very limited for sure..most of u asking me about Mineralized Skinfinish Natural and eyeliner..i have ordered a few units..including some blushers, lippies, a gloss, eyeshadow..but it is limited..because it depends on the stock availability..honestly my supplier and i are trying our best to get stocks at lower price so that we can resell it at cheaper price to our customer.She can easily get anything that u want from and ..but the price won't be that cheap..especially Bobbi Brown...u can do the math right?'s cheaper for certain item but not all of it..but it is still worth for u to order a few items together..
i have to remind you that not all items at MAC's n BB's website available in Malaysia..such as MAC's Sunbasque Powder Blush..i'm lemming this for so long!!sadly kat sini xde..(sape2 yg ada tgk kat BFT..Ice ada tepek gambar pakai blusher nih..meletops kebabom wa cakap lu!!)..MAC's Colorform Collection (Nordstrom Exclusive)..available here but not the whole collection..4 lippies and 2 beauty powders/blushes not available at all MAC is exclusively launched at Isetan on presales day for members.Luckily i've ordered mine..eheeeee...:)
So..what am i trying to say is..we will try to bring in new stock as much as possible..but if u interested in some other thing..which is not listed here on my blog...u can give me the name of the product or link to any website that you like..and i'll qoute the price for other words...
Basically this is how i calculate the price:
(Retail price+sales tax 8.25%+shipping & handling fees from US to your doorstep) x current exchange rate (now is around 3.3)
1)Give me the link or the name of the product.
2)I'll qoute the price for u as it depends on quantity of your order..(buy less!).
3)If u agreed with the price qouted, you have to pay at least 70% deposit before i place the order and pay the balance once the item/s arrived.
4)Item/s will be sent out to you once i received the full payment.
As simple as that you all..!!O.K now i would like to suggest the websites where you can do your shopping (this is where i lurk everyday..ehehee):
Haaaa...apa lagi tak tau..anything that you can think je k..InsyaAllah we can help to get it for you...
haa..juling biji mata baca panjang2 nih..
Thanks for reading guys!!

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