Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
Macam biasa..update!!..i pun nak bgtau yang some of pre-order items have arrived..so attention to sis Chamiecombie, azie, sis awa and miz ixora..some of your items dah ada yer..wait for my email..1 box kena tahan kat custom so i'm still waiting for the papers from Pusat Mel & Kargo..hopefully sume ok..please allow a few days for everything to be settled..
i also would like to apologize to all sbb i tau i dah jarang update blog for new stock, pre-order items, FOTD n reviews.....i know i'm kinda slow in processing your queries and orders..InsyaAllah i will try my best to improve the way i work..maybe ada some changes in my terms & conditions because there are some of you yang minta i reserve kan item but after i did even with no deposit , no feedback dah lepas2 tu..i'm aware about my own T&C but sometimes i x sampai hati nak tolak..huhu..so please ladies..i need your cooperation so that i could be fair to others yg nak beli..i boleh reserve kan item but please jangan menghilang terus....huhu..sian kat i tau..i faham sometimes u need to wait until hari gaji..i x kisah pun..even ada yg buat mcm tu ok je deal dgn depa..no problem at all..thanks to those yang sgt2 bagus ni..heheee...okeh enough said..please help me in giving better service k...help me to help you!!Luv y'all ladiessss!!!
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3)Shariffah Zarihan
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Pre-order items
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Thanks babes!!

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