Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
I would like to thank to all of u for supporting my blog...i'm still new in online any suggestion is very much appreciated...i'm so sorry for giving only one option for payment..currently, i only have CIMB Maybank acc is inactive..a.k.a 'xde keluar masuk duit' it's hard for me to check duit yang masuk..maybank2u pun xtau dah apa acc nye..i'm still working on sabar ye.. those yg dah order..i akan update on my blog bila u dah bayar n tracking number once i've sent out ur time..
Until now..this is latest update:
RM68-Paid (22/7/08)
Tracking No: LX381706117MY (sent on 23/7/08)
2)Hamba Allah(anda tau siapa anda..;))
RM225-Paid (23/7/08)
RM139-Paid (23/7/08)
RM80-Paid (23/7/08)
So yang dah bayar hari ni..InsyaAllah kalau xde aral melintang..esok i pos Friday InsyaAllah sampai..TQ so muc..;)

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