Thursday, July 24, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
Ni update for today..after this nak pi post office utk pos brg utk mereka2 di bawah ini...:)
1)Hamba Allah(anda tau siapa anda..;))
RM225-Paid (23/7/08)
Tracking No: EN125131282MY (Sent on 24/7/08)
RM139-Paid (23/7/08)
Tracking No: EN125131251MY (Sent on 24/7/08)
RM80-Paid (23/7/08)
tracking No: EN125131203MY (Sent on 24/7/08)
RM49-Paid (24/7/08)
Tracking No: EN125131265MY (Sent on 24/7/08)
By the those yg ada order n asked me to reserve it for u..please confirm balik ye...except for eva_bobbie..coz some of the item yg u all nak ada org lain yg sian kat depa yg tanya2 tu..k..please email me back guys..thanks a lot!..(",)

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