Monday, July 28, 2008

NEW STOCK IS COMING..SOON! stock is coming..probably in 10-14 don't forget to drop by my blog..for those yang ada jenguk2 blog sis ana..RONASTORES..mesti ada tgk makeups yang sis ana offer kan?so i've discussed with her to bring it here in she can sells it at lower price..and guess what??sis ana dia dah anto pun barang2nya..maybe x sampai 10 hari sampai la tu..for those yang melepas MAC Fafi n currently available Heatherette Collection..hmm this is your chance to get it.....besides MAC..ada lg yang lain2..nnt dah sampai i akan post up the pic..
by the way..siapa yang selalu ikut perkembangan collection Color Form is out..but unfortunately..4 lippies n 2 blushes or beauty powder kot not available at our local MAC stores..except for Isetan..exclusively for the Isetan club member..1 August ni kot baru available..hehe..nasib baik i've already ordered lega xyah nak pi rebut2 masa ramai2 tu..i pun order 2 mineralized blushes from Sonic Chic Collection..huhu..x sabar tunggu barang sampai..Malaysia next month baru kuar kot..dah sampai nnt i tepek gambar..

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