Friday, July 25, 2008


Tonight, i want to make some order from my supplier..yang ni i order stock direct from U.S..for a start, some of it for my personal use n some of it i nak jual. So a few of u have asked me about MAC product yang lain2 yang i x offer sebelum i wud like to know what kind of product that u like me to put on my blog..the price maybe or maybe not as cheap as items from EL sale..but apa yang i boleh confirm it is still cheaper than retail least pada yg duduk jauh2 n xde MAC kat area tu..boleh la order n InsyaAllah, selain dpt yg lebih murah, i akan post direct sampai pada your doorstep..and also my supplier boleh try dapatkan collection yang lepas2 yang u all missed sebelum depends on the stock availability of course..yang nak beli makeup untuk hantaran pun InsyaAllah i boleh,care to comment girls?I need to know..
Siapa-siapa yang nak dapatkan product like Loreal, NYX Cosmetics, Milani, Ulta..etc..just let me know k..biasanya i suka baca product reviews kat , , and much popular for those yang cari makeup yang murah n cantik..yang i sebut tadi tu selalu dapat good reviews..

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