Monday, July 14, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
Hi all..this will be my first entry for my sales blog..that's why i called it 'OPENING CEREMONY'..hee hee..ok firstly i would like to remind you to mind my language ya..because there will be a lot of 'bahasa rojak'..campur-campur la..i hope that all of my potential and kind readers (yup..including you!)..don't mind about this..
Ok..back to business..i'll start with selling my own stuffs..i have some clothes, shoes, skincare items and make ups..some of them still new with tags or boxes..and some of them have been used..
I'm also going to sell beauty items such as makeup and skincare that are not available here in malaysia or makeups that are cheaper than retail price. I know a lot of bloggers or sellers out there doing the same thing as what i'm going to do..but i'll try my best to give u the best price and service.
So if u are looking for anything that is not available here or any limited edition item that u have missed before..i can try to help u to find it..but of course it depends on availability..
You don't have to worry about the shipping process from US to Malaysia and also any costs and taxes will only need ur patience and money lol!!
Ok..ok..cukup lah tu..i think it's clear enough kan..if there is any question..feel free to ask me by email k..


Nik Hazlini Nik said...


I suka tgk blog u ni.....suka tgk make up tp tak pandai nak calit kat muka. Buka la kelas dan ajar mcm mana nak mainkan warna kat muka ni...then, baru la i boleh beli kat u.


Keenamaya said...


hee..timacih sbb suka blog kita..i ni xde la pandai nau mekap..sikit2 conteng2 muka sendiri tu boleh la...tengok le nnt kalau ada rezeki..rasa konfiden sikit leh le wat tutorial entry kat blog ni..rajin2 la dtg sini yer...